Blonde Bombshell is a clean, crisp, and delicately balanced beer with very subtle fruit flavors and aromas. Subdued maltiness throughout leads to a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish. To the untrained taster easily mistaken for a light lager, a somewhat subtle Pilsner, or perhaps a blonde ale. Old Armor Ale is a Kölsch style light hybrid beer.  Due to its subdued flavors (compared to other craft beers), it will appeal to beer drinkers who are new to craft beers or are predominantly American Light Beer (macro brews) drinkers.  Blonde bombshell offers craft beer style without a large jump into stronger flavored beers.

K-25 is a very light beer that has great oat and hop aroma. Modeled after the recipes that originated in Cologne, Germany, we put our own American spin on the beer that makes it exceptional for beer events and daily drinking.

Oh Dark Thirty is our take on an English Stout; however, like everything we do, we made it distinguishably American!  We start with Irish grains specifically malted for stout style beers, lactose to add the creamy mouthfeel you expect of a stout and then add our American twist by using a combination of German and American smoked malt to finish our unique beer.  What you get is a one of a kind beer that you will want to keep drinking till Oh Dark Thirty!

Dustoff APA is a moderately hoppy American Hazy IPA.  The finish is dry with a hoppy aroma and flavor.  While this has most of the characteristics of a New England style Hazy IPA is significantly less hoppy than its predecessors, as it is an homage to our fighting men and women in Afghanistan which is why it is dubbed an APA (Afghan Pale Ale) not hoppy enough to make it to India but just enough to Afghanistan.

5.56 is our IPA. We spent a lot of time developing this beer and it will not disappoint.  We broke with the trend of west coast breweries and returned to the IPA’s roots to develop a traditional English IPA.  Yet like all our beers, we put an American stamp on it to ensure no one mistakes it for anything other than a great American Beer.  Using English malts, bittering hops and yeast one might almost think its like beers from across the pond.  Armory Beer makes every single beer we brew distinctly their own and we do this with a massive dose of Yakima Valley’s newest experimental hop to add our American twist to this popular style.

7.62 is a double IPA and is one of the most popular styles on the west coast today.  After you try our 7.62, you will know why.  It’s about as American as any beer gets.  Just enough malt flavor for you to perceive it and then BAM!  Over 80 IBUs of hops hit your palette and nose and leave you with an experience you’ll be craving over and over.  Heavily dosed with flavoring and aroma hops that leave hints of citrus, stonefruit, and grapefruit, you will no doubt this beer is brewed with American ingenuity and pride.

MOAB Ale (Mother of All Brown)  is mix between American and English brown ales.  We start of with English malts that add notes of caramel, coffee, and toast.  Our American twist comes when we add our hops. Some might accuse us of overhopping but great beers know no boundaries and Foxhole is no different.  What you get is a front end taste and smell of toffee followed by a crisp bight and hint of caramel finishing with distinctly American hop aroma.  Whether you’re a veteran or not, you may find it odd that you find yourself asking to get into another foxhole!

Blue Falcon is an American take on the Belgian Tripel, the Blue Falcon is a full body beer with a great sweet taste that both makes this beer enticing and delicious. It stays true to the Belgian brewing style as well as the 9% abv characteristic with the tripel.

OP Orange is an orange saison style that is refreshing, highly-attenuated, moderately-bitter, moderate-strength, highly carbonated Belgian ale with a very dry finish. Yeast character is fruity, spicy, and not overly phenolic. Quite aromatic, with fruity, spicy, and hoppy characteristics evident. The esters of our saison are high and are reminiscent of citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons. The hops are moderate and are spicy and floral with a soft spicy alcohol note.

Red Dawn is a malty yet low bitter tasting beer that is both light in color and abv making it a perfect Sunday drinker.  We are proud of this addition to the Old Armor Beer Co. roster and think it is an exceptional take on the Irish Red Ale, perfect for those new to the craft beer scene.